Marketing Automation Dashboard: SMS, Voice, Mass Email, Page Builder, Funnel Builder, Email Sales Marketing, Booking Calendar, HULU Channel Marketing. Voice and SMS rates pay as you go, one simple subscription $27.95 Why so cheap? because it should be.

Call it what you want, giving it a fancy name and charging $90 a month and only giving you the bare minimum is not our game plan.

We built a tool that works, theres no level up, buy this other tool. The SMS, Voice, Email rates are cheap – send SMS messages as an alert for up coming events, your campaign would probably only cost $12 ( Thats 12,000 text messages…..)

Im speaking candidly, it doesent have to cost a lot for it to work. What if i told you that you could have your commercial for a local Tire shop stream as a commercial on HULU and that it would only cost you about $150 a month. With this dashboard we created a way for you to do all of the above in one place…….for that low price. Yes, your gonna pay for your text messages, and emails just like on mailchimp or any other service but its gonna be cheap $9-$12 range- and its gonna give you a place to handle all of your outreach campaigns.

This isnt for affilate marketers or Multi Leveled Marketing…….. Use this with your product or service sales in mind, If your a Barber all of the scheduling and appointment reminder tools you want to add to your marketing are in this dashboard, Got a clothing brand? build pop up shop pages- send sms sales alerts to cutomers , text tracking numbers and perform email follow up ……..simultaneously!

Thats what marketing automation is all about.

Optimus 5 Company LLC is a Marketing Agency Located In Medford Oregon and Carlsbad California.