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Need Web Development, Payments and Check Out, API and Coding Tech Support? We provide advanced servicing where we work with you on your project over the phone and with screen share when needed for just $35 an hour flat rate. Get any projects you need done on your website with an Optimus5 Technician on the line with you!

Live Tech Support Request: Registered Optimus5 Clients

Optimus5 Company offers free tech support to customers using Optimus5 products and services (Web Hosting, Web Design, Marketing Dashboard, Domains, Plugins). Need help transferring a domain, creating Facebook pixel, Inserting API keys, or making changes to your purchased website theme? book a live call now.

Have your questions answered and get 1 on 1 service support for up to 1 hour free.

Book A Marketing Strategy and Planning Session.

Optimus5 Company specializes in creating marketing plans that fit your budget and get results. Product Marketing, Event Marketing and Service Marketing are our key niches. Within this call you will learn what you need to improve, add or change within your current marketing campaigns. We will analyze your current efforts and the tools you are using to see where improvements or cost savings can be made.

We will help you create specialized marketing campaign ads (Black Friday, Special Events, Holiday) and assemble a proposed budget and demographics list.

This is a paid appointment at $90 per call and includes 1 month of our analytics dashboard free ($27.95 value, which will be utilized on future Strategy and Planning Sessions).

Click the booking button to schedule a time and add all of the details on the booking request form to expedite your work order.