Car parts shopping and the Metaverse: How to prepare your brand for the future.

Metaverse Automotive Marketing

Let’s be honest, as car guys we are in love with all things tech and future related.  The movie “Back to the Future” groomed us as kids, 2004 saw the dawn of automotive digital technology as commonplace options ( There’s navigation and bluetooth in most cars from 2004 and up: 2016 companies like Volkswagen added Wi-Fi and Google connectivity as an option.)

Now its 2022, we don’t have flying cars yet but we do have virtual reality and ……..the newly constructed Metaverse. Within the core of the Metaverse is a way for people to acquire possessions, different skins, clothing and accessories. In car and racing based games and sims there is the ability to customize vehicles. In games like Forza Horizon 5 we’ve seen the advancement of people purchasing car dlc packs to either build the car they own IRL ( In Real Life) or to upload engine/suspension tunes for vehicles other people have constructed. What was once considered in game marketing would now be Metaverse Marketing……… Optimus 5 Company is working to become one of the first Metaverse Automotive Marketing Agencies- pioneering access to the most automotive brands within the Metaverse and allowing customers to test products while paying for the privilege.

In our opinion one of the greatest examples of  Metaverse development is Rockstar Games GTA 5 on Xbox Live. Within this game you can customize hundreds of different cars, trucks and motorcycles, purchase and Customize hundreds of different income producing businesses, customize your character with thousands of different variations. The only thing keeping this game from being “ Metaverse Based” is the fact that it doesn’t have a VR headset and Hand and Body Motion Controllers. In the 90’s the sims conversation was “what if you could do whatever you want , be whoever you want, live a different life as a layer within your real life”- well games like GTA 5 allow people to purchase thousands of products that could be purchased in real life and you have to buy a Shark Card to buy these items from rockstar games.

We now pose the question, what if a company could list their products for sale or advertise them for a trial usage within games or the Metaverse; and actually turn a profit. The gray area in Metaverse marketing would be that there is currently no  way to quantify the cost per action taken on usage within a game unless you have access to developer analytics. Cost per action in relation to cost per click, Having your product developed/updated within the Metaverse divided by the number of downloads it receives, would give you your overall cost per action if we can correlate that to an IRL product purchase. As an Example:

It costs $5000.00 to have your product scanned and marketing design uploaded to a Game/Metaverse, Updates required at least once annually at $2700.00- After product release in metaverse you get 50,000 downloads = $0.15 as a Cost Per Action. Now if we can “Convert” a metaverse purchaser into a IRL purchaser for a product we will say is $195 with a 20 percent conversion ratio 50,000 x 0.20=10,000 sales x $195.00 product sales price= $1,950,000. Now that 20% closing ratio will actually change our cost per action total to our customer aquisition cost $7700.00 / 10,000 sales = $.77 which isn’t so bad to make a $195 sale.

So what happens to your Instagram and Facebook marketing strategy when people leave those platforms for facebooks 2.0 – Metaverse? Yes, this seems unfathomable – facebook and ig not drying up but moving you to a new platform- moving your potential customers to a new way to shop and browse.

When Google dropped the Humming Bird update in 2013 it brought the dawn of voice controlled internet browsing and shopping, “Hey Google”, “Hey Siri”, “Alexa”. Companies that utilized this technology early on are literally 5 years ahead of most other companies who didn’t join the move until 2018. Now its 2022 and we use voice tools to find the closest gas station, pizza delivery, contractors or to get instructions on how to do something.

Technology has a way of improving by “ Compounding” adding one technology to work in conjunction with another or others to create a “ Optimus Prime” styled mega tool- Amazon,YouTube,Uber and Lyft are platforms built using multiple technologies working together to make another technology. The Metaverse will be the next compounded technology that will carry us into the next 5,10, maybe 20 years.

Being informed and preparing your company/brand for the Metaverse is a process you can start today for less than you think. Technology and Investments have historically proven that early adopters reap the biggest rewards and pay the lowest cost of admission. Don’t struggle to keep up when you can set the pace!

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