Why automotive parts sales sites should rely on content marketing.

Content marketing

Content Marketing

Pictures really are worth 1000 words.

When performance parts sites are created most web developers remove the blog tab. The tab is usually removed because most sales sites only choose to create sales posts.

Money is generally wasted when site owners focus solely on selling products using paid advertising via Google, Facebook and Instagram. SEO ( search engine optimization ) is expensive when using services so most company’s will choose to go the route of instant gratification-PPC Advertising. SEO is honestly as simple as writing articles and creating fresh content and is the best form of content marketing.

1. How does an automotive performance parts website create new content?

Automotive shows like S.E.M.A and LS Fest are literally content farms. From pictures to videos and well written articles about cars and parts act as fresh content that search engines love. A well written with pictures and a video are an effective way to affordably optimize your site.

2. Why Does Content Marketing work for automotive parts websites?

The automotive community is multi faceted, it has Art lovers, Engineers, DIY Guys and Gals, and plenty other types of automotive enthusiasts. How to videos for installation of car parts, car show footage and general automotive reviews are in heavy demand with no limit of points of view that consumers will appreciate. Pictures of cars and parts are always a favorite on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Automotive journalism has been around for over a century and is content that consumers still love even with the death of print media.

Consumers look to the internet to experience the ultimate article which has text, image and video. When sales sites engage consumers with information such as product, service, event reviews they gain trust. Being a trust worthy source for information builds trust with buyers because they can compare the information you deliver with other media during their purchase consideration phase. Review content also helps you rank your site against your direct competitors due to the fact you can use their brand name keywords.

3. Time on site – is it important?

If your using any sort of analytics tools for your automotive parts sales website you have seen the “time on site” or “bounce rate” calculations. Why are these metered? Google wants to know if people actually appreciate the content you have provided. Sales pages generally have a high bounce rate because shoppers move quickly. When a consumer visits a page they are looking at price, delivery time and product description. If the shopper gathers all the info they need concisely from your sales page they either purchase or bounce back to the search engine and continue shopping. If your page ends up being the page they choose to purchase from and they bounce back to your page that is also metered ( this is what cookies from your web browser pick up).

In a nutshell bounce rate is a popularity rate. Popular content will have higher time on page and less popular content will have a lower time on page.

What’s a low/high Time on Page?

2-7 seconds time on page is less than popular content. An engaged reader will spend 3-7 minutes on a page, reading and viewing pictures and videos. When you have engaging content you can display sales inducing featured product posts ( works well when the non sales content has keywords that relate to the sales post.

4. SEO Vs Paid Online Advertising for Automotive Based Businesses.

Search engine optimization of a webpage can last indefinitely versus the finite time your advertising budget does. Well created content will last across multiple search platforms like web, image, video and even googled shopping tab versus your single ad placement on google search results or a blog page/Facebook page.


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