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Migrate your Current Funnel page with up to 3 triggers. We can Also create a custom funnel page from one of our prebuilt templates for you. This item is a Done For You Service.



What is a Click Funnel?

The concept of a click funnel is all about automating the sales process to control every stage of the buyer’s journey. The funnel guides users through your webpages that aim to sell your products and services by also adding options to upsell your sales process. Similar to a purchase funnel, the process site visitors go through to decide whether or not they want to become a customer, a click funnel is a series of pages that direct the user to the page that serves as the end goal.

Weight loss programs are a great example of a click funnel. The main goal of this type of marketing initiative is to increase the number of people who sign up for a weight loss consultation. In addition to the program, there is usually the option to buy additional weight loss products that can be beneficial when completing the program, too. Instead of a single landing page that serves as the end goal of encouraging a user to share their information and sign up for a consultation, you would design and set up various types of click funnels.

The process would look like this:

  • The user would click on the initial URL from an online advertisement, social post, or email.
  • This first click would bring them to a page that offers the opportunity to upsell a product. You would want to introduce and encourage the purchase of those additional weight loss products.
  • To entice the user to buy, you would include a CTA to “Buy Now.” The hope is that they click that CTA and continue on to the next page that introduces another product.
  • If they decide they only want that first product and choose “no” for the second one, they would continue to the page where they enter their information to sign up for a consultation.

Click funnels essentially continue on until a user wants to reach their end destination and is no longer interested in additional products or services. The more pages with offers you include the more opportunities you’ll have to collect information, upsell, and complete your sales funnel. Not only that, but additional pages are a great way to increase your organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With a majority of today’s consumers beginning their buyer’s journey online, full-funnel marketing is beginning to become the go-to approach to pinpoint which stage the consumer is in. Visualizing the buyer’s journey in funnel structures will help you understand what approach you should take next to solidifying repeat customers.

Click Funnel or Landing Page: Which One is For Me?

This is a question that many business owners ask themselves. There’s surely a better time to use a click funnel over a landing page and vice versa. If you have multiple products or services to sell and want to introduce all of them to the user in one experience, your best bet is it implement a click funnel. However, if there’s a single action you want a user to take, you’re better off using a landing page for quick conversions right out of the gate.

At the end of the day, click funnels and landing pages can each give you the results you’re looking for when they are based on your goals and objectives and implemented in the right way. Still wondering which strategy would yield the best results for your business? Contact the experts at Optimus5 Company today.


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