As a business owner or marketer today, you have to realize that press release marketing, like all things, has a place and time. You have to understand that simply pushing out press release after press release probably isn’t going to get the results you want like it may have ten years ago. There are strategies that have developed over recent years, most commonly using interactive elements in your release and/or in conjunction with other techniques like social media marketing.

So the question is, do you know when a release will be effective and when it won’t? Do you know what other tools or techniques should be used and when? We do and that’s exactly why our press release services have cornered the market when it comes to branding and marketing that sets your business up for success.

Press Releases Just for Search Engine Rankings? Think Again

Not too long ago, press releases were one of the go-to methods of those working in the search engine optimization or online marketing industries. But if getting your site to move up in the rankings is your main or sole reason for considering press release marketing, we urge you to either reconsider or at the very least, understand it will take much more than simply publishing releases to get results.

Google recently picked up on what was happening and soon after, most of the reputable PR sites started to make all links in releases nofollow. If you don’t know what that means, it basically means that links from these sites will no longer offer the value that they once did.

Additionally, many of the PR sites that were often used have began to tank. Their releases are not garnering the attention and rankings for important keywords that they once were. But not all of them.

So does that mean press releases aren’t worth it? Definitely not. They’re still very good if your marketing strategy is planned properly. They can still bring attention to your business, which is what you’re really after, right? Knowing how to develop your release and knowing where and when to publish your release for the biggest impact can be tedious, time intensive and cost a lot of money.

But when you hire Optimus5 to do your bidding for you, you don’t have to worry about any of the tedious details or understand exactly what works and why. It’s an extremely affordable, quick process that won’t tank your budget like some of the bigger companies would.

What Makes a Press Release Demand the Attention You Deserve?

The number one mistake that we believe most people make with their release is trying to make a newsworthy story out of nothing. They’re boring. They offer no details. They’re simply an advertisement meant to create backlinks (which we’ve explained shouldn’t be the point). So they never garner the attention that your dear business deserves. Therefore, what was the point? You simply wasted more time and money on marketing that didn’t need to be wasted.

You may think that you have nothing newsworthy happening within your business. But you do. And yes, we will find it. We will find the right angle and the right story to draw attention from the right people.

As mentioned, simply publishing a release most likely isn’t going to do you any justice. But coupled with a few things and telling the right story will. Including video and interesting data or infographics can greatly help. But most of all today, we recommend partnering your release with social media engagement.